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    We specialize in Business Growth.  We deliver to you a sustainable future by helping you define where and how you wish to grow.  And then we make that happen, together with you.

    businessman looking at a plethora of options to grow his business - weighing up his options from our diverse range of specialized services

    Ultimately we help your organization achieve your desired results.  We do this through a number of diverse capabilities, some of which are detailed below.

    Business and Strategic Planning

    • Diagnostic review and strategic planning
    • Sales effectiveness review
    • Business plans
    • Meeting facilitation and project management

    Organizational Design

    • The right strategy
    • The right structure and organizational levels to fulfill the strategy
    • The right cross functional relationships
    • The right people to accomplish the work
    • Clear accountabilities & authorities for everyone
    • Leadership practices for growth and productivity
    • Process re-engineering


    • Coaching Controllers, CFO’s, V-P’s Finance, Accountants etc.
    • Financial management, cash flow, strategic budgeting, accounting procedures
    • Negotiation and due diligence reviews for acquisitions
    • Securing capital and financing
    • Annual, quarterly and all other compliance reporting to securities commissions
    • IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions
    • Corporate governance and board effectiveness

    Human Resources 

    • Strategic human resources and labour relations management
    • Occupational health and safety, workers compensation

    Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

    • Executive coaching and leadership development
    • Communication skills training
    • Conflict resolution
    • Mastering stress


    Competitive Intelligence & Market Research

    • Hear the voice of your customers.
    • Hear the voice of your competitors.
    • Understand the needs of your market.

    Creative Problem Solving

    • You have to work hard at being a creative thinker.
    • The Simplex system is a comprehensive system of applied creativity that connects a process of creative problem solving with skills and tools to make that process work. Give your people the tools and confidence they need for breakthrough thinking. Rather than taking the first solution that comes to mind, the real skill lies in digging deeper and looking at the problem from all sides and finding the best answer.

    Big Bang for Business

    • Igniting the Conscious and the Subconscious business realities
    • Creating new Big Bang strategies for business growth and sales
    • The creative new input for developing sustainable business strategies

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