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    Our 9-step consulting process is as follows:

    • Client brief: Meet with key principals and stakeholders to define scope of investigation.
    • Pre-consult: Fact finding to understand your issues.
    • Diagnosis of problem: Think-tank of all appropriate consultants that utilizes the widest range of knowledge, experience and expertise that ensures a comprehensive understanding of the problem and the development of the most appropriate solution.
    • Problem definition: Submit letter of analysis, target solution options and complete letter of engagement.
    • Client debrief: Ensure all relevant stakeholders agree on definition of problem, solutions and process for implementation and completion.
    • Solution development: Build out details and create necessary tools and structures for implementation.
    • Client feedback and buy-in: Final check with stakeholders before initialization of project.
    • Implementation: Complete assignment as agreed.
    • Post Mortem: Final feedback and agreement of any further steps.

    Process Flowchart: