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  • Client Testimonials: Success Stories with Mastermind Solutions

    “Neville was hired to primarily help our law firm build a recognizable and sustainable brand, and to install a professional marketing capability. Neville achieved both those goals for our firm many times over. He is knowledgeable, helpful, forward thinking and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the work done. This is very unique for someone who has been brought on as a consultant.

    Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Neville. He has helped me learn and grow in all aspects of marketing including digital marketing. He has always been professional no matter what we have thrown at him.

    I would highly recommend Neville to any business or business team”.

    Frances Wales – Chief Operating Officer, Pallett Valo LLP

    “It’s a great privilege to do a testimonial for Mastermind Solutions who have been a great help to our business. Mastermind Solutions is the leader in developing strategy – they helped me with my business plan and helped me create a strategic plan.

    Mastermind Solutions, led by Neville Pokroy, is a team of very gentle and experienced professionals, they did not rush the process and most importantly they let you lead it and I think that’s the most important thing because they bring their skill set and then they infuse it with yours. They were even able to source a professional from the community to bring additional knowledge to my strategic plan development.

    I can confidently say that these guys are the leaders – if you’re looking to work with somebody who understands business, different business models, and has a great financial team to really help you understand your numbers, they’re the organization to go to. For anybody who’s looking for support and building and growing their business, I think they’re a great organization to work with. For individuals and businesses of all sizes, whether you’re in the beginning stage of your business or you’re trying to scale it, or you’re a larger organization, they’re great and they have a lot of resources to access”. View the Video Testimonial

    Michael Assiamah, CEO and Founder, Support & Growth

    “I have worked with James Phillipson for about eight years now. James has been our facilitator for the past eight years and brings with him a wide range of business expertise and business experience. Whatever the topic that we’re discussing he’s able to bring relevant and insightful observations to the conversation….. We usually do a deep dive on one or two topics as well as do a status update of what’s happening with each company…. we’ve been able to flush out a lot of insights and observations that people could take away…. covering off things like what types of insurance we purchase and how much we pay, benefits and who our partners are and how much we pay, staffing and various HR issues within our departments, KPI’s and accounting treatment for various things that are happening to our company, cyber insurance and the increasing risk of cyber attacks and ransomware. We have actually received feedback from our Presidents that our finance group is the most well run group out of all of the groups.

    To conclude, I just wanted to say that I have no hesitation at all in recommending James … he would be very helpful to whatever Finance project you’re working on”.  View the Video Testimonial

    Tony Hum, VP Finance, Reinhart Foods

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein.

    “Based on that premise, we engaged the services of Mastermind Solutions Inc (Neville Pokroy) to help Kinsip House of Fine Spirits do a couple of things. First, Neville helped clarify the goals and vision the four founders had for Kinsip into a unified plan that listed out our priorities. Second, we created a strategic organizational chart, not only for today but for what we look like in 3 years. Role assignments helped delineate executive functions from management from day to day work. This simple yet powerful exercise created clarity around responsibilities, reporting and hierarchy. Neville made it very clear for us to see that what a business owner believes to be at the root cause of an issue, in many cases is not in fact the problem. His unbiased, thoughtful and experienced approach to management consulting gave him the ability to parachute into our situation, analyze quickly and help the team arrive at a conclusion that left us with actionable deliverables that will have positive and immediate implications for our business. We will certainly call upon Neville in the future”.

    Jeremiah Soucie, Part-Owner, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

    “Neville was instrumental in helping us develop our marketing strategy, but was also extremely helpful in holding us accountable for the implementation of various marketing programs, most notably our social media initiative. All of this has helped to dramatically increase our sales and market share, which was the primary goal of our marketing strategy. Most important was the effect that this has had on our customer base who have become really engaged with our company, and advocates of the products and services that we bring to this market. Thank you for your involvement Neville – your management of this process helped us to continue the implementation in a truly meaningful and organized way and has motivated me to make more than one referral.”

    Ernesto Stasiak, President, Universal Field Supplies

    “Neville, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that your explanation of the marketing strategy today was masterful.   You were so well prepared to refer all questions back to explanations already available within the strategy.  This inspired confidence and served to reinforce the comprehensiveness of the strategy.  Your patience and steady hand at dealing with the apprehension of embarking on this journey will serve as an example for me to emulate.  Great job!  Thanks”.

    Peter Hecimovic, General Manager, Firebridge Inc.

    “We used the services of Neville Pokroy and Maurice Dutrisac of Mastermind Solutions throughout 2013 and 2014. Mastermind Solutions, helped open our company to the potential of growth that we were striving towards for years, but always seemed out of our reach. Together, they organized our team and worked with us to sort through a jumble of partial strategies. They helped us to better identify what worked for us, and to lay a solid foundation for strategic planning. We were able to unify our directives and create a workable, living strategy, while using their ongoing support to ensure that we stayed on track and followed through on our collective planning.  Thank you to the team at Mastermind Solutions for their hard work and dedication to our business”.

    Ronnie Mehta, President, Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc.

    “Neville Pokroy and Maurice Dutrisac have proved their solid business understanding with the Fowler Construction team during our strategic planning work in 2016.  They have provided sound advice based on trusted systems, but have also provided “out of the box” thinking when we really needed it. Their team is versatile, and they have worked hard to help us accomplish our goals”.

    Moreen Miller, President, Fowler Construction Company, Ltd

    “James Phillipson of Mastermind Solutions was invited to facilitate group meetings of companies which purpose is to share ideas, pursue performance improvement opportunities and develop ability to contribute to business growth and success.  Trying to put new perspective on something old, he has an easy going, interactive approach to presentations and discussions.  It’s a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable professional with high ethical standards”.

    Marina Kaplan, Accounting Manager, Select Food Products Limited

    “James Phillipson brings experience and professionalism to the table, and was someone I could both trust and rely upon while undergoing a major period of transitional change at B’nai Brith. I truly appreciated his insights into some very complicated matters, his diligence to see projects through to completion and his consistent quiet confidence and good humour.  He always aimed to get the most from his accounting staff for the benefit of the organization, while providing them with mentoring and the opportunity to improve themselves and their skill sets.  I would highly recommend James to anyone looking for an experienced CFO to get the job done,”

    Michael Mostyn, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada

    “Having James Phillipson as a business coach resulted in me growing my senior management skills tenfold in a very short time period.  Not only did he add different perspectives to my thought process, he also held me accountable when he needed to.”

    Director of Finance, Food processing company

    “Working with James of Mastermind Solutions has given me more confidence in my recommendations to all levels of management. He has helped me with the preparation, the content and the presentation of this information. He has identified the areas that I need to improve on and has assisted me with making those improvements.”

    Director, Finance

    “I recently had the opportunity to participate in James Phillipson’s seminar called “Finance for the Non-Financial executive”. It was both an informative and enjoyable session where even those with years of experience have the chance to learn something new, get a new perspective on something old or just validate existing knowledge. James’ approach to presentation is an easy going, interactive manner suitable to all levels of business experience.”

    Michael Waitzer, Turnaround CEO

    “This presentation exceeded my expectations as it focused on both the technical aspects of reading earnings statements and balance sheets as well as Management tips and techniques that we as independent consultants could share with our clients, as the need arose…. My best learning was your caution in investing in private companies.”

    George Szewchuk

    “We hired Neville to assist with our Marketing efforts. After gaining an understanding of our business he developed a Marketing Plan and walked us through the implementation of the strategies. He is extremely knowledgeable, dependable and passionate about Marketing. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true professional who understands Marketing inside and out.”

    Terry Edgar, Vice-President & General Manager, Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd.

    “James served as my executive coach when I was Controller at Dial One Wolfedale Electric. He provided me with invaluable advice and tips that helped me do a better job and increased my value to my employer.”

    Mark Benson

    “Armadale Property Management Inc. has worked with Neville of Mastermind Solutions Inc. for over 10 years. This organization is very efficient and has proven to us time and again that their knowledge and expertise is first-class. Armadale has great confidence that Mastermind Solutions will take care of all our marketing requirements.

    Neville Pokroy is sensitive to our needs and objectives and keeps us all focused to that end. Armadale Property Management enjoys the business relationship that we have with Mastermind Solutions and would highly recommend them.”

    Elizabeth Whitton, R.P.M., Sr. Property Manager, Armadale Property Management Inc.

    “Thank you, Neville.  This was perhaps the best strategic meeting we have had in years. Well done! Looking forward to continuing to work together.”

    Earl Rothery, Chief Executive Officer, Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

    “Good presentation….well done!

    After the meeting I came back to the office and met with our Accountant to go over the ideas that you had shared. Not only have we implemented a couple already (including sending a “friendly reminder” after a week of sending the invoice which has made a couple of collections already faster), but I gave her the handouts and went through your notes and she has a renewed interest in collecting a/r! I shared some of the stories that you had talked about. I think the fact that other companies have issues also with a/r she thought it reinforced the fact that she’s not by herself!”

    Marc Belaiche, C.A., President, www.TorontoJobs.ca

    “Our company has enjoyed working with the folks from Mastermind Solutions Inc. over the last few months. We have been fully engaged with them through all areas of the company. We are attempting to grow the business by 100% over next five years and I strongly believe we have a much better chance at success with Mastermind on board.

    Neville is working with VP Sales and Marketing and Director of Sales and getting our game plan together.

    I am sure we are alike in being sceptical about consultants, but Mastermind is different. They seem to be in business for all the right reasons and have taken ownership in wanting to see Innovative do well. You feel their presence and pressure to get things done and we are moving forward as an organization. Rest assured, these guys are good people and if given an opportunity I think they can assist your business.”

    Greg Baun, President and CEO, Innovative Company, Ajax, Canada

    “The STEP program that you designed for us has been successful beyond our original expectations. We have filled the space that we set aside for STEP program participants, and we now have a core of businesses that will help us grow well into the future. Thanks, Neville, for the creativity in the development of the STEP brand and the program as a whole.”

    Allen Sloan, Managing Partner, The Sloan Group

    “I retained Neville to perform in-depth marketing research for me in a new business area that I was interested in pursuing. Neville executed my assignment flawlessly. He directed a team of professionals that interviewed senior executives of many of the corporations that formed my target client list. He then analyzed and presented to me the results of his marketing research, as well as a marketing plan to capitalize on the research work he had performed. Neville is a highly knowledgeable, motivated, and effective business professional. I was very satisfied with Neville’s work and would highly recommend him to you.”

    John F. Collins, Partner, Toronto Law Firm

    “Mastermind Solutions utilized robust processes that enabled my team to develop key strategic initiatives with an execution plan based on a project management roadmap.”

    President, Electronics Distributor

    “Your involvement has led to the success of our direct marketing efforts over the past two and a half years.”

    Marketing Director, Large Retail Company

    “Too many marketing strategists pride themselves in their strategy work, only to fall short at the implementation stage. Neville is the rare individual who provides sharp, insightful marketing strategy work — plus he has the discipline and commitment to help his clients see their projects through to results. And in the end, that’s what counts.”

    Michel Neray, Chief Differentiation Officer, The Essential Message

    “We retained Mastermind Solutions to help us develop and focus our marketing strategy and messaging to prospective clients.  Neville has helped us focus our attention and trained us to think “why” when considering a new strategy/tactic in our plan. In an industry where marketing is commonly thought of as simply cold-calling and hosting seminars for prospective clients, we believe we now have a unique message to deliver through a multi-faceted strategy.”

    Ben Hunter, IPC Securities Corp – Beaches Financial Team

    “It has been a pleasure to work with James who did a great job of coaching our Controller to ensure that the information produced by our accounting system was reliable and accurate. With support from James, the Controller produced meaningful information that enabled me to run my business more effectively.”

    President & CEO of a Distribution Business

    “Your discipline, attention to detail and leadership in marketing has allowed the rest of our company to focus on doing the business”

    President, Software Development Company

    “When it came time to recruit a new Controller, James was invaluable in assisting me to ensure that I hired someone who would do a great job. Within four months, this new Controller has made an enormous difference.”

    President & CEO of a Distribution Business

    “In my former US based company we used a large global consulting company exclusively for strategic planning. However, Mastermind Solutions provides superior strategic planning and organizational design facilitation including helping us with the implementation of the strategy.”

    CEO of $6.5 Billion Retail Organization

    “I have found James Phillipson’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the financial challenges of rapid growth in a small business to be invaluable. We brought James in for his financial management expertise. His review of our procedures, planning and the management of risk have helped us to ensure we maximize on all growth opportunities. We continue to consult with James to ensure that we are on track towards building a strong and successful organization.”

    CEO of a Travel Service Business

    “Mastermind helped us with a process for assessing and developing our top 50 executives. My board of directors was delighted and we now have a plan to develop these executives.”

    CEO for Large Medical Company

    “You have provided us, for the first time since my tenure at the firm, with solid, practical guidance when assisting us to set our strategic plan, but also in the execution of the plan. You have become an integral part of our marketing group and both the managing partner and myself trust your judgment.”

    General Manager, COO, Law Firm

    “You helped us to identify tactics that would drive business to our clinic, at a cost significantly less than was recommended by previous marketing consultants. The implementation of your specific recommendations increased referrals from general practitioners to our clinic by 160% over a three month period.”

    MD and Owner of a Pain Management Clinic

    “Our restructured marketing plan improved cost-effectiveness, efficiencies and focus. It has helped to dramatically improve performance”

    Managing Partner, Financial Services Company

    “My sales team for North America was well behind plan and I was at risk of missing my sales plan for the year. Maurice Dutrisac facilitated a creative problem solving retreat for my sales & marketing team and within 3 months we were back on plan.”

    EVP North America Manufacture

    “We are really happy that we got you involved in helping us develop our positioning and our focus. The focus that you created has enabled us to beat our aggressive target for the first year by 75% already. We are adding staff in order to manage our growth. We plan on getting you back shortly to review how our marketing is working and to see whether we need to make any further refinements to our plan”.

    Mark Parlee, Richard Heinrich – Partners, Beaches Financial Team, IPC Securities