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    Sometimes, as the owner, CEO or President of a mid-size organization, all you want is some marketing help. Some marketing advice and guidance on the options that may be available.


    Coaching is flexible with so many benefits and capabilities

    A great marketing coach is an individual with a wealth of knowledge in every area of marketing. He brings experience and understanding to the process while at the same time he has the wisdom and capacity to allow the business and the management team to be itself. In other words he is a facilitator.

    A marketing coach can advise on the steps to take, when to take each step, and outline what the costs will be. A coach teaches you when, why, and how to employ a full range of marketing tools – from redesigning a website, to creating articles or white papers, starting a blog, conducting podcasts, and developing advertising campaigns.

    And finally, a marketing coach can help you find highly successful marketing strategies and marketing plans that you can leverage, sometimes without spending a cent.

    Think of your marketing coach as your secret weapon – helping to guide you to that marketing leadership position that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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    Turning Vision into Marketing

    Regular meetings with a marketing coach will help you manage the process of marketing with very little effort. And we can help your people as well by training them on the concept of marketing and how to use it effectively in their own jobs.

    Neville Pokroy, Marketing Coach

    Neville Pokroy,

    Marketing Coach

    Business growth and improving performance is only really valuable when is adds profitability to your business.  A marketing coach knows and understands that and offers advice how to deliver that end result.  A great coach won’t only help you develop strategies and tactics, but will also have the financial wisdom to ensure you are investing your funds at the right level and measuring ROI on that investment to ensure profitable success.

    As a marketing coach, I can help you find the right strategy, the right tactics, and the right balance in your marketing plan.  Digital, interactive, traditional – all could be part of your plan to get noticed and desired by prospective customers or clients. And I can help you to implement with hands-on advice.  You will not be left alone to fend for yourself.

    A marketing coach offers you alternatives that you may not have considered before.  My toolbox of marketing tactics has over 250 individual marketing tactics.  How many have you used?  I bet it’s less than 20.  Which means the opportunities are there – you just need help accessing them in the right way.  I can help!

    A marketing coach provides insight that leads to new business opportunities and, ultimately, business growth.  With new customers and more sales from existing customers.  It will be organized and will not create stress for you.

    And a marketing coach can help navigate you through the complexity of digital marketing, which is not the only tool in the toolbox these days.  There are choices to be made and options to be considered.  The marketing coach has seen it all and can advise you accordingly.

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    We work with clients in different ways

    Face to Face – with leadership or teams

    Online – with leadership or teams

    Telephone Training – with leadership or teams

    Mergers and Acquisitions – Expanding? Acquiring another business? You may need marketing coaching and consulting help developing strategies, managing marketing structures and having someone in your marketing corner to manage the transition

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