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  • Executive Coaching is the process of guiding and mentoring your human capital assets to perform at their highest and best level. Whether it is meeting the challenge of a promotion, or facing a quantum leap in performance required by a restructuring or change in strategic direction, our Executive Coaching program will provide the structure and process required for those individuals to implement the necessary changes.

    EXECUTIVE DYNAMICS™ and ADVANCED DYNAMICS together form the corporate leadership-training program offered by Mastermind Solutions Inc. Successful leadership is guided by higher-level values, principles, skills and emotions.

    • EXECUTIVE DYNAMICS™ is a one-day introduction to the DYNAMICS tools, concepts and techniques for leadership in the 21st century.
    • ADVANCED DYNAMICS is a two-day leadership workshop based on the DYNAMICS concepts. It provides a forum for the leaders of an organization to take the tools and concepts presented in EXECUTIVE DYNAMICS™ to the next level.

    Results pursued in Leadership training:

    • Increase effectiveness in dealing with alienation and lack of commitment.
    • Develop better problem solving skills and make better decisions.
    • Clarify values, create vision and focus direction.
    • Develop stronger inter-personal communication skills.
    • Recognize what is getting in your way and let go of old attitudes that no longer serve.

    The 3R’s of Conflict in the workplace:

    1. Resentment is the normal reaction to being dismissed, denied, disaffected, disenchanted or defeated as a human being.
    2. Resistance is the logical consequence that grows out of resentment.
    3. Revenge is the price that individuals, corporations and organizations of all kinds will pay for ignoring the normal progression of resentment to resistance to revenge.

    With awareness and the right tools, the vicious cycle can be broken and alignment with organizational goals and objectives can be enhanced.

    Mastermind Solutions Inc offers Strategic Effectiveness seminars to organizations committed to breaking out of the 3R’s cycle. In The 3R’s of Anger Management, participants are taught to recognize the different ways that the 3R’s are exhibited and explore tools for moving through to a position of alignment. The tools and techniques are based on a four-style personality matrix.

    The 3R’s of Anger Management can be presented as a half-day or a full day workshop.

    The Business Writing Skills Workshop

    How an individual presents himself or herself in a document speaks volumes about who they are, what level of skill they possess and the value they can bring to an organization. Whether writing business letters, email, memos, reports, or technical documents, The Business Writing Skills Workshop is designed to educate and significantly improve an individual’s capability in communicating with the written word.

    • Present your ideas clearly and succinctly
    • Leave a lasting impression
    • Create structure and coherence in all your correspondence
    • Develop macro and micro level revision skills
    • Be concise
    • Understand the power of verbs
    • Be positive
    • Be reader-centered
    • Be gender neutral
    • Develop a conversational style

    Presentation Dynamics

    30 seconds. That is all you have got to establish your credibility with a listener. Whether making a platform speech to a large audience, a technical presentation to a group, chairing a meeting or being effective in discussions with employees, management or clients, professionals of all kinds need superior presentation skills. Presentation Dynamics is a series of workshops and executive coaching sessions for professionals who want to develop those superior presentation skills.

    Depending on the specific needs of the client, Presentation Dynamics can include exercises to develop:

    • Breathing
    • Voice
    • Diction
    • Body language
    • Words
    • Scripting
    • Improvisation
    • Listening skills

    Presentation Dynamics is an approach that can be brought to clients in a number of formats, including group workshops and one on one executive coaching.