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    A company claiming to be Mastermind Solutions Inc. has been hiring or attempting to hire people and using our name fraudulently. If you are being offered a position in telephone marketing or mystery shopping, you are likely being targeted by a company that is not us and you should be very careful making any commitments without first verifying that the company you are working for is legitimate.
    It is absolutely and categorically not our company.
    As a result of the numerous inquiries for verification that we have been receiving about this, we have made the York Region police aware of this and they will be investigating the matter further.
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    It really doesn't matter what we say.  What is important is what our client's have to say about us, our process and what they are getting out of dealing with us.  Their success is our only focus.

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    Is Marketing Broken?

    The marketing presentation A few years ago, I did a marketing presentation to a prospective client. I explained that we are not selling anything, but that our goal was to help him be successful with his business. We would use our business process to find opportunities for his company to become a leader in his market and we would help him to implement the strategy that we (him and us) would

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  • Are you on track to achieve performance goals? Does your business need to pivot or find new products or services? Do you have adequate financial resources to see you to success? Do you have the right people in the right role with clear, well defined accountabilities and authority?

  • As one of the leading marketing companies in Toronto, we know about marketing strategy, planning and implementation. Marketing is all about positioning and differentiation which leads you to becoming noticed. Need to pivot or find new products, services or markets?

  • Many businesses have a person heading up the accounting function who has limited expertise in managing an accounting and finance function, or needs guidance, or help in fulfilling the needs of the business, particularly for business growth.

  • A unique organizational design technology that enables businesses to have:

    • The right organizational structure
    • The right people
    •;The right accountabilities
    • The right leadership practices

  • What We Do

    Mastermind Solutions Inc. is a business consultant focused on growth strategy and implementation. We enable clients to dream their wildest dreams. To Imagine their greatest success. To deliver on their ultimate vision. If you can Imagine your desired future, we can help you make it a reality.  We bring clarity to your business and help it grow.

    Our services are comprehensive and fully customizable to your needs. They include, but are not limited to strategic planning, marketing, financial, organizational design and coaching. This includes consulting and implementation services in operational disciplines such as marketing strategy, marketing planning, marketing services, marketing audit, digital and online marketing, competitive and market intelligence, business consulting and strategic planning services, organizational design and structure, financial consulting, financial management and interim CFO/controller.

    We deliver these services by different means: consulting, hands-on implementation, coaching, advisory board, project manager, or an interim management team.  You decide what works best for you and we deliver to meet your needs.

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