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  • Mastermind Solutions helps companies with business growth and expansion – locally or internationally. That includes companies looking to export to Canada from anywhere in the world.

    We help North American and International clients with knowledge, information, management, implementation, finance and entrepreneurial advice to tackle a growth initiative.  We can act as consultants, project managers, an advisory board or an interim management team helping to generate new business or represent your interests in a new market.  We will assist you on either a project-by-project basis or over an extended period of time.  This could include simple expansion of current resources or helping to set up new structures in Canada or internationally via our partner consultants in numerous countries.  We start with Business in Canada.  And expand to Business in the International Market.

    Grow your business in Canada or other markets

    With our years of experience, we have built a customer-centered approach that will bolster your odds of success. Our services include:

    • in-depth market research
    • implement market entry strategies
    • implement growth and marketing strategies
    • implement & support sales & marketing with a wide array of appropriate tactics
    • supply an office address (if you need one)
    • implement a suitable organization
    • looking for the right people
    • support in administration
    • business set-up and incorporation
    • interim management
    Business growth and expansion in a global world

    Business growth and expansion in a global world

    Business growth can be accomplished in many different ways.  Whether it is increasing sales or market share, increasing customers, increasing efficiencies, increasing profits or margins, opening new markets or launching new products or services – locally or internationally, we have the business, strategy and implementation resources to make it happen.

    Finding the business growth and expansion answers

    Here are some of the questions you should be asking – if you require, we can help you answer each and every one:

    • Exactly what is the opportunity?
    • Do I need to do research or gain more business intelligence to assess the opportunity?
    • Am I positioned appropriately?
    • Do I understand the competitive environment?
    • Do I really understand the market environment?
    • Do I have the appropriate products and services for this market opportunity?
    • Do I have measurable goals?
    • Do I have a clear strategy to optimize this opportunity?
    • Do I have the appropriate internal structure and capabilities to undertake this initiative?
    • Do I know what tactics are right to implement?
    • Do I have the right people in place?
    • Do I have the appropriate funding or financing?
    • Do I understand the cultural and business differences that are present in the market?
    • What is the opportunity to export to Canada?

    You may only need a little help, or you may need a total support structure to take advantage of the opportunity.  Either way we can help.

    We care that you succeed – that is our mandate.  We care that you deliver sustainable business growth.

    Contact us today (or call 905-886-2235) to investigate that next business growth initiative that will help to sustain you in this ever-changing world. OR simply complete the “Have a question?” form on this page and we’ll contact you for a quick, free discussion to evaluate your needs.

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