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  • Financial Consulting Services

  • Elevate Your Financial Strategies with Professional CFO Consulting and Coaching

    Cash flow management

    • Fine tune the operational aspects of your business that affect the speed of collecting cash
    • Focus on the speed of your cash conversion cycle
    • Speed up the collection of accounts receivable
    • Optimize inventory levels
    • Defer appropriate supplier payments

    CFO consulting and financial consulting services and management

    • Optimizing the staffing and effectiveness of the accounting department/function
    • Managing risk
    • Managing foreign exchange exposure
    • Enhance banking facilities and relationships
    • The role of a Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Upgrades in procedures and internal controls
    • Cash flow management (see above)
    • Educating the executive team on the financial implications of reports, decisions, etc., where there is limited financial literacy

    Controller coach

    • Coach the Controller (or similar role) to enhance their performance
      • Many people who head up the finance function need guidance in how to effectively perform the portion of the role that they are weak in;
      • If the CEO does not have the experience in managing a finance function, she/he is often not able to guide the Controller to effectively perform their role
    • Accounting consulting – how to use the accounting/ERP system to provide the information necessary to manage the business
    • Change the Controller and his/her function from an overhead to a contributing member of the management team
    • Coaching in how to manage the staff in the Accounting function – enhanced staff management
    • Build the Controller’s skills in all the areas required for a contributing finance function

    Financial coaching of CEO’s and executive management

    • Many CEO’s (owners, Presidents & other senior management) do not have the financial experience or education to know how to manage the finance function – we assist and educate the management team to develop their financial literacy
    • By participating in the management team meetings we guide the team in understanding financial reports and knowing what to expect from the Finance department
    • We ensure that the CEO knows what to ask for and expect from the head of the Finance function
    • The CEO often needs guidance in:
      • Understanding financial statements and reports
      • Banking relationships & facilities
      • Managing the Finance Department
      • Implementing improvements in the Accounting/Finance area
      • Appropriate staffing of the Finance area
      • Implementing budgeting and effective use of budgets as a management tool
      • Cash flow management
      • Foreign currency exposure
      • Raising financing
      • Acquiring a business

    Budgeting, forecasts and business plans

    • Implementing budgeting
    • Cash flow forecasts
    • Preparing a business plan that takes into account the strategic priorities of the business