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  • April 2020 and we are living in crazy times. Locked away in our homes, many of us not able to work. So what will the future of Small Business look like when we emerge from our COVID-19 internment. Brent Kobayashi of Kobayashi + Zeitguys interviews Neville Pokroy, President of Mastermind Solutions, and together they muse about what the world of business and marketing during and after the [...]

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    Outta sight, Outta mind - How marketing during a crisis is a sensitive thing

    Top 5 Business Tips in today's COVID-19 environment People become overly judgmental and hyper sensitive when faced with high levels of stress as well as a crisis. That’s totally understandable. Very often their reactions are hard to fathom and one should recognize the signs and respect the personal space of individuals facing such situations. When these situations become societal[...]

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