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  • Interview with Neville Pokroy: COVID Marketing Livestream – Q&A Show For Small Biz Owners

  • April 2020 and we are living in crazy times. Locked away in our homes, many of us not able to work. So what will the future of Small Business look like when we emerge from our COVID-19 internment.

    Brent Kobayashi of Kobayashi + Zeitguys interviews Neville Pokroy, President of Mastermind Solutions, and together they muse about what the world of business and marketing during and after the pandemic hit in March 2020. Will things go back to normal or will we be living a new normal?

    Gain some insight and unique perspectives on what is happening in today’s world. Most important – you’ve been given the opportunity to slow down and think a little more about your actions. What will you do with the time?

    To some people this is a disaster, for others it is an opportunity. What perspective do you come at it from? How will this affect your relationships, how will you be communicating? What will your business look like?