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    Neville Pokroy, Marketing Coach

    Increased sales comes from smarter marketing

    Whether you run a business in manufacturing, distribution, professional services (law firm, accounting, engineering, architecture, consulting etc), construction, chemicals, healthcare, hospitality, property management etc., this is for you….

    If you are feeling that your company or firm is not optimizing its sales potential, and that you might be missing out on growth opportunities, then let me help you.  I’d be happy to offer you a Free Marketing Assessment (no strings attached), and show you how you can optimize the potential of your organization.  Find the answer to some of these questions:

    • How do I increase sales revenue and profitability?
    • How do I gain customers or clients?
    • How do I beat my competition?
    • How can I create sustainable growth?
    • What does a proper marketing strategy look like?
    • How do I improve my marketing ROI?
    • How do I improve my website’s conversion rate?
    • Which digital tactics should I use?
    • Are there tactics I am missing?
    • Does my marketing resonate with my desired client?
    • How do marketing and sales best operate together to maximize sales?
    • How do I get more leads?
    • Is my team best structured and armed with the right marketing tools?
    • Do I have the right people in place?

    There are tons of marketing tactics that need to be considered (not just digital) if one is to have real success.  Before you make a decision on tactics, you should be able to answer many of the questions above.  Finding the right answers will lead you to the correct strategy to adopt. However, each company is different, so the selection of strategies and tactics is unique to your organization.  Consequently, this Free Marketing Consultation will lead you to the correct answers.

    Why not take the opportunity to find out what may be possible for your situation and your organization?

    With over 30 years of marketing experience across all kinds of businesses (B2C, B2B, product, service, technology – you name it), I’d like to offer you this unique opportunity to make a real difference in your business.

    What to expect!

    To complete the FREE Marketing Assessment, we’ll need about 20-30 minutes of your time to conduct a brief phone or in-person interview (or you can send me your marketing plan if you already have one). In that interview, we’ll ask a few questions about your goals, what you are currently doing to market your business and what may or may not be working. After that, we’ll do some of our own research and develop a point of view for discussion.   We’ll then schedule a feedback call (probably another 20-30 minute call or meeting) to go over the results of our findings. At that point, you will have several new ideas and options for helping you achieve better results and hit your goals.

    The findings of our assessment and the opportunities identified are yours to keep, whether you conduct any business with us or not. This is our gift to you and a gesture of good faith that you may consider our help, or pass us a referral, in the future. Or even refer us to a colleague that we can help.

    To begin, complete the basic form on this page and I’ll contact you to set up a convenient time to chat.

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