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  • Toronto-Based Consulting Organization Launches A Digital Umbrella

  • Toronto, ON, Wednesday, March 03, 2010 – Mastermind Solutions Inc., a Toronto based management consulting organization that focuses on Strategy, Marketing, Finance and Organizational Design, has developed a digital umbrella that is aimed at providing comprehensive digital marketing services and strategies for mid-sized organizations. This initiative will enable Mastermind Solutions Inc. clients’ (and prospective clients) to take a leap forward into the digital marketing space in an organized and controlled manner that will not only make total business sense, but will also ensure that they remain at the forefront of a technological boom that most companies are struggling to deal with.

    According to Neville Pokroy, Marketing Partner at Mastermind Solutions Inc., “The world is going digital at an accelerated rate, and businesses are really struggling to keep pace”. Added Pokroy, “marketing is becoming more digital, more interactive, and more social, and as a consequence, more confusing for average businesses owners and managers. By developing this Digital Umbrella, we will be able to help them understand how they can use these digital marketing techniques in ways that are relevant to their customers, and we can then help them to implement their digital strategies”.

    Digital marketing covers areas that are very diverse and extremely specialized, including website development, search engine optimization and pay per click, social media, e-mail, video, lead generation and tracking, automation and animation.

    Concludes Josh Bernoff, vice president at Forrester Research, “Digital marketing tends to make marketers connect more intimately with their customers because it invites participation. As we emerge from this recession, it’s that customer connection that’s likely to be the real legacy of the growth of digital”.

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