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  • Marketing technology exposed – prepare to be overwhelmed

  • So, marketing is simple – right?  All you need to think about is advertising, social media, websites, PR etc etc.

    This is a new world – Think again and face up to the reality that marketing is much more complex and expansive than you ever imagined. And if you think you can deal with it on your own, then take a look at the infographic below.  Prepare to be overwhelmed.  And this is just the technology piece.

    marketing technology

    Click on the Marketing Technology Landscape infographic to enlarge.  You can then zoom in on specific aspects that interest you.  However before you do that, simply take in the scale of the field.  It is awesome, inspiring and terrifying, all at the same time

    You own or work for a company that is serious about marketing. You know that, to be a viable business in the future, you need to keep up with the trends of the marketplace.  So how do you accomplish that when the market is moving at “the speed of light”?

    It’s actually quite simple: ask for help.  You just cannot cope with the pace of innovation that is currently being set by innovators the world over.  And no one person can deal with it all – no matter how good they are.

    If they are promising you the world in that regard, send them packing.  They are not dealing with you truthfully.

    Marketing technology is forcing marketing to evolve

    Marketing has evolved way beyond the area of communications that most people define it as.  And the Infographic does not even do justice to the product and service marketing aspect that starts the process.  If you have nothing to sell then you have nothing to communicate.  Once you have decided what product or service to sell, and why, then you can worry about the communications side.

    Let’s assume you have defined that clearly, then where do you go from there?  How do you decide what technology platforms you require unless you have a strategy clearly laid out?  This is the thinking, strategic part of marketing that is critical to any successful sale.  Knowing what you want to sell, to whom and why – then you can decide how to accomplish that.  Strategy really is the key to connecting marketing to customers via technology.

    Making marketing a business priority

    So, what to do?  Realize that the evolution of marketing technology is making marketing more complex.  Marketing should not be “dumbed down” to communications, but must be expanded as a pure business initiative.  It does not need to be simplified but rationalized by strategists that can connect your business goal to the task of marketing.  Marketing really is the connection between buyer and seller on MANY levels, not just on the communication level.  So let a marketing strategist help you find the business opportunity by looking at your business through marketing eyes.  A good marketing strategist will not only find you opportunities way beyond the communication space, but will also be able to guide you through the myriad of needs and complexities of the marketing technology space.

    And if you require someone to talk with to start this discussion, reach out and call me, Neville Pokroy: (905)886-2235.

    Our thanks to chiefmartec.com for this awesome Infographic.