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  • Technology and marketing are closing ranks

  • Technology and marketing are closing ranks and becoming more and more interdependent.  But that isn’t where it stops.  The key component of this marriage of convenience and necessity is strategy – it is the glue that binds them together.

    Digital tools can become difference makers

    Whether we like it or not, the digital world, with software technology at the centre, is driving our new reality. Devices and hardware tools and capabilities (GPS, Beacons etc etc) are becoming so important that in many respects they appear to be taking over. However, that is where we as marketers need to use our strategic insight to help create the requisite meaning for the combination of disciplines and ensure that they are all utilized in ways that can benefit consumers, customers and providers alike.

    Technology and marketing linked through strategy

    Technology on its own is akin to having a baseball bat with no ball in sight.  Without a clear understanding of its use and benefit, and a way for that use and benefit to be accomplished, it may very well be cool, but then swinging the bat with no ball to hit may be just as cool to some.  Clearly, we need both pieces of the puzzle to make everything work properly.

    Productivity gains is one area where marketers could implement technology and ensure that business efficiencies deliver better products and services, together with improved customer service.  And yes, it is a marketers responsibility because it impacts on the interaction between buyer and seller, and that is where the marketer needs to operate.  Regardless whether the technology is front and centre, or behind the scenes – if it has an impact on the company/customer relationship, the marketer must be involved.

    There needs to be a good business reason for everything business-related

    The modern marketer, while still needing to be more than a communications lackey (and there are enough out there to confuse everyone), needs to take the high road and ensure that the link between strategy, planning, technology and marketing is a tight fit, delivering capabilities and results that make sense when evaluated against the big picture, rather than just being cool stuff that can be utilized but does not really add true value. At the end of the day there should be a good business reason for everything business-related.

    Technology and marketing helps the discipline of marketing become a science

    Every day we see more demands for proof that marketing dollars are being used as an investment rather than as an expense.  While this may not be totally possible, there is an increase in technology applications used for marketing purposes that make this reality move closer.

    There are certain things in business that will never die – and strategy is one of them.  It is the one human thought process that will drive business, one way or another.  Yes it will change; it will evolve; but is will never die.  The day that happens is the day that machines have super-ceded humans and we are all then in BIG trouble.

    Article by Neville Pokroy – bringing companies closer to measurable marketing and business improvement.

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