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  • An excerpt from the new book: Big Bang for Business: 8 Steps to Create Explosive Growth and Success

    “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Thomas Edison.

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    It is no coincidence that Edison had the foresight and creativity to invent the electric light bulb. With the same enlightened foresight, you are invited to read this book and use it as a guiding light for your business – and in particular, to help move your business into an exciting and prosperous future.

    The whole idea around explosive growth is to show you how to accomplish your unique and specific business future in a planned and organized manner, by using the concept of Strategic Marketing – a holistic approach to marketing that is so simple you will be asking yourself why you have never adopted this approach before.

    Every business is different and there is no magic bullet that enables you to grow your business. In addition, everyone has a different perception and understanding of what growth really means – because you are a unique individual, with unique needs, desires and values. So challenge what you read and don’t simply accept what you hear. Take it all in and judge it for yourself. Once you have defined what is relevant and right for you, you will have a better process in place for understanding what is appropriate to meet your needs; and you will be in a position to make better decisions based on a set of well-considered options.

    By the time you have finished reading this book, you should be embracing a strategic view of marketing and you will have taken one of the most important steps in creating explosive growth and success for your business.

    If this introduction has tempted you, visit bigbangforbusiness.com and order a copy of the book today.  There you will find 8 Bonus offers worth thousands of dollars that will enhance your capabilities and offer you additional free tools to generate explosive growth in your business.  Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity and the status quo.  Get started on something new, with ACTION today.

    “Big Bang for Business is a great step by step “meat and potatoes” marketing strategy guide for the unmarketer.  Neville’s logical, systematic and metric driven approach to de-mystify marketing is a refreshing departure from the many philosophical books available today”.   David Wojcik, Executive Producer, BiZ TV Canada.

    “Neville’s insight into marketing as an important contributor to business growth is fantastic!”  Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best Selling Author.