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  • How to network socially – advance it for real results

  • Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn – the names go on and on, and the task to get connected socially gets tougher and tougher.  No, it’s really not a problem gaining more friends on Facebook, or a hundred extra Twitter followers, but is that really social networking?

    Making a momentary connection with someone that has 3,000 “followers” or “friends” does nothing for either party unless the initial connection is followed by something more real or tangible.  Something that both parties can relate to at a really truthful social level.

    People TRULY befriend or do business with people they like – so how do you get to really like someone if the only connection is remote, hands-off, and without connectivity that can enhance the relationship?  After all, doesn’t the word social indicate some kind of relationship.  And shouldn’t that relationship move beyond “simply knowing that the other person exists”?

    Remember AIDA, the age-old (and yes, simplistic) acronym that reflects how a person makes a buying decision:

    • A = Awareness.  They need to know that you or your product exists.
    • I = Interest. They need to know enough about the product, what it does and how it can satisfy their need.
    • D = Desire.  They need to have a good understanding that your product (or you), amongst all the other compering products, is right for them, and they see in it the true satisfaction of their needs.
    • A = Action.  They decide that given the desire and need satisfaction, that your product is right, given the price, the availability and everything else that is important to them.  They make a buying decision.

    Well, social interaction should be seen along the same lines.  Simply having a friend or a follower on social media is akin to the awareness phase.  If you don’t move the relationship onto the next level, you will never get past simple Awareness.  And if you have thousands of friends or followers, how do you effectively undertake that process to advance the relationship and turn it into a true “buying” or “friendship” relationship?

    And, the big question is: how many of these friends or followers can you indeed manage in this advancing strategy?  Is is conceivable or even likely that more than a couple of hundred will be possible?

    The answer may be different for each and every person (and different again for major consumer brands) – but one thing is for sure:  if you leave your social relationships at the Awareness level only, those relationships will not flourish.  And, don’t try to advance them all at once.  Try to have face to face contact with those people that you wish to advance with.  These days that could be a drink, coffee, lunch, attend an event or even just do a Skype call.  Look these people in the eye and try to connect at a deeper level.  That way, the Interest and Desire in the relationship can build far beyond Awareness and could lead you towards the ultimate level: ACTION.

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