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  • When is social media and digital marketing right for you?

  • This question is often missed when people prepare their marketing strategies – most likely because they don’t really ask the question.  Often people are blinded by the bright lights and sexy appeal of anything digital and they fail to ask the really pertinent questions that will help them with the correct answer.

    Before trying to find the answer to the question above, you should ask a few more pertinent questions that are interrelated and even more important.  Why?  It is because these are primary questions that will lead you down a specific path where you will find the right answers, and ultimately provide you with the big answer: should I use social media and other digital tactics in my marketing efforts?

    So, exactly what are these primary questions?

    1. Who is my target audience? – do I need to communicate to the actual buyer or is there an influencer of the decision that I am better off focusing in on?
    2. How does the buyer and/or influencer make decisions? – if I really understand the psychology of how they think and make decisions I will have a better idea of how to catch their attention.
    3. What media do they consume? – and how do they consume that media?  If they are not digitally oriented, why would you use digital media to reach them?

    If you answer these three primary questions first, the answer of whether you use digital and social media will quickly pop forward – together with a number of specific ideas of how you should communicate and persuade them that your product/service is best for them.

    Don’t jump to the answers or the conclusions before asking your primary questions.  If you do you may be heading down the wrong track.

    Neville Pokroy from the marketing company Mastermind Solutions consults in the areas of strategic marketing planning, as well as in the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans. He assists companies who require marketing expertise to plan and fully execute marketing programs.   He helps them make good choices, particularly with regard to the emerging technologies.  If you want to have more choice in marketing your business, set yourself apart, and increase the odds of generating additional revenue for your business, call (905)886-2235, email: neville@mastermindsolutions.ca or visit our website.  Please follow me on Twitter: @smaaketer