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  • Bridging the Gap: Connecting Company Strategy Development, Positioning & Differentiation

    One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is aligning their marketing strategy with their company strategy. While this appears logical, there is often a missing link between the two.

    Our strategic marketing planning process provides that missing link by developing the core elements of positioning and differentiation and transferring them into the marketing messages and tactics via the marketing strategy. Without the missing link, your messaging and tactics will often be less relevant and less impactful. In a competitive world, that may be the difference between success and failure.

    Developing advertising, social media, events, design, copy, PR, etc etc without the missing link is a dangerous road to follow. Don’t take the easy way out and dive straight into those elements without the missing link. Increase the odds for your success by doing it right the first time.

    Read this article on strategic marketing to understand how important this concept is.