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    Never before have companies relied on their human capital to maintain their competitive positions and grow. You need your best people to stay regardless of economic ups and downs. By stay, we mean that your talent is “tuned in” and “turned on” to your company’s success. In the next five years many companies will lose 20% to 50% of their key people as the “baby boomer” generation retires. Studies over the past thirty years have repeatedly indicated that people leave organizations because of poor managers, fairness issues and inflexible company policies. Turnover has been estimated to cost between 70% to 200% of one year’s salary when you factor in hidden costs such as lost opportunities for business, training and ramp up time for a new employee to become fully functioning.

    If you do not move now with a human capital program you will not have the right people to carry out your business strategy and your market share will go down.

    Mastermind Solutions Inc. has highly experienced consultants who can provide you with the latest programs and strategies for you to achieve:

    • The most productivity from your people
    • A high retention rate of key people
    • Good bosses-leaders and managers who instill your company values as well as motivate and earn the respect of their people
    • Leadership practices that help managers achieve positive cooperation and enthusiasm of their subordinates with respect to delegated tasks
    • Fair pay and fair work practices
    • Exciting and challenging work
    • Employee growth, learning and development
    • Recognition for valued employees
    • Meaningful work that makes a difference
    • Pride and loyalty in organization, mission and product
    • Great work environment and culture
    • Open and sufficient communication up and down the organization
    • Being part of team and family with fellow workers who support each other
    • A talent pool system that encourages hiring from within and promotes mentoring, job enrichment, job rotation and lateral moves

    Mastermind Solutions can develop for you a customize strategy and processes that will enable you to achieve the above goals especially with the view to attract, motivate, train and retain the right people for your organization’s success.

    Health and Safety, Workers’ Compensation & Environment

    Today’s demanding legislation obligates organizations to be proactive in the areas of safety and the environment. Governmental agencies demand that you have a safe work place and that environmental legislation be followed. Your employees deserve a safe working place. Are you looking to improve your safety and environmental performance and improve bottom line.