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  • We assist the function head (Controller, CFO or equivalent) to develop their skills to meet the needs of the business. The guidance and direction of a Controller Coach is invariably welcomed by the incumbent when their hard and soft skills improve.

    Where the Controller reports to an executive that does not have extensive experience in managing a finance function, both parties are not aware of the opportunities and skill set available that can transform the Controller from a “bean counter” into a strategic contributor to the executive team, who facilitates the success and growth of the business.

    Some of the areas that a Controller should be focusing on are:

    • Financial analysis, cost analysis and budget variance reporting and analysis
    • Cost reduction
    • Providing financial insight to management
    • Risk management
    • Effective management of the accounting staff, process improvement and how to improve the Accounting Department
    • Project management
    • Break even and capacity utilization
    • Speed up collection of receivables and credit granting policies
    • Alternative sources of financing
    • Maintenance and monitoring of internal controls
    • Improving the service to the business by the Accounting staff with limited resources
    • Implementing business growth strategies

    Let us help! Contact “Canada’s controller coach,” James Phillipson at 905-731-8255 or James@MastermindSolutions.ca