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  • Controller Coaching: Empowering the controller to drive business growth

    We assist the function head (Controller, CFO or equivalent) to develop their skills to meet the needs of the business. The guidance and direction of a Controller Coach is invariably welcomed by the incumbent when their hard and soft skills improve.

    Where the Controller reports to an executive that does not have extensive experience in managing a finance function, both parties are not aware of the opportunities and skill set available that can transform the Controller from a “bean counter” into a strategic contributor to the executive team, who facilitates the success and growth of the business.

    Some of the areas that a Controller should be focusing on are:

    • Financial analysis, cost analysis and budget variance reporting and analysis
    • Cost reduction
    • Providing financial insight to management
    • Risk management
    • Effective management of the accounting staff, process improvement and how to improve the Accounting Department
    • Project management
    • Break even and capacity utilization
    • Speed up collection of receivables and credit granting policies
    • Alternative sources of financing
    • Maintenance and monitoring of internal controls
    • Improving the service to the business by the Accounting staff with limited resources
    • Implementing business growth strategies

    Let us help! Contact “Canada’s controller coach,” James Phillipson at (416) 726-8256 or James@MastermindSolutions.ca