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    Coaching Controllers, CFOs, VPs Finance, Accountants

    The person that heads up the Accounting and Finance function in a business needs managing by someone that understands what that role can achieve in order to facilitate the growth of the business. Accounting is more than balancing the books and the accounting/finance function should play a key role in contributing to the success of a business.

    We assist the function head to develop their skills and to meet the needs of the business by providing what executive management needs for business growth. Often the skills are there and all the situation needs is guidance and direction from a more experienced Controller Coach. This is always a welcome improvement and focuses on both hard and soft skills.

    Turning the Accounting Dept. into a contributor to the bottom line

    Regular meetings with a Controller Coach will help you manage the incumbent with very little effort. We can help your people by training them to think about growth and profitability and how they can contribute.

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