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  • Navigating Successful Financial Acquisitions with Expert Guidance

    Negotiation and Due Diligence Reviews for Acquisitions

    • Develop a strategy for an acquisition/divestiture
    • Negotiation of terms of acquisition/divestiture
    • In-depth review of business of target company to minimize risk of:
      • Unpleasant surprises
      • Verify that business is what you were “sold”
    • Liaison with lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and other professional advisors
    • Post-acquisition implementation of business growth strategy

    Business Acquisitions

    Often the Controller in a mid-sized business does not have the experience to guide management through an acquisition. This is an area of the role that does require expertise and missing the appropriate, strategic approach can have disastrous consequences.

    Deals often fail because management “takes their eye off the ball” and the existing business declines.

    An experienced acquisition leader can:

    • Keep the acquisition on track and allow management to stay focused;
    • Ensure goals for the acquisition are met;
    • Reduce professional fees;
    • Do an effective, appropriate due diligence review.

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