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  • Email marketing is one of the most used tools these days

    In itself, that represents a problem because of the volume of emails that we all receive. Make sure that your use of email marketing is well thought out and is part of your marketing plan. Don’t fall into the “spam trap”.

    Navigating the email marketing challenge

    Mastermind Solutions will help you through that minefield: from email template design, to developing or gathering highly targeted contact lists, tracking viewers and measuring response rates, to landing page analytics & user ability optimization, we do it all!

    We will also assist you in being compliant with the numerous legislation’s that cover email marketing today.  With the advent of Can-Spam and CASL legislation, compliance with legal requirements is becoming a much bigger deal, with heavy penalties if you get caught.

    For more information on these services contact Neville Pokroy: 905-886-2235.
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