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  • Volunteer Your Business: Community Involvement

  • Neville Pokroy

    Do you have a business that is focused on your local community? Then get involved with that community by volunteering your time or becoming a member of a community organization.

    Profiling yourself through such community activities and events will ensure that people get to know you and your services. Who knows, you may even be able to offer your services as a vendor under the right kind of circumstances – although that should always be a secondary objective.

    Once you become a household name, so your business will become attached to you and your name. They could become synonymous.

    Did you know that years ago the local tailor got his last name from his work: he became known as John Taylor. Likewise with Ben the butcher, whose name became Ben Butcher. I’m not suggesting that you go back to those kinds of roots, however the concept of community by association still remains possible today.

    Work your local community and let it become closely associated with your work.

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