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  • Voicemail Marketing: Professional Voice Mail Messages

  • Seizing Opportunities: Crafting Engaging and Professional Voicemail Messages

    One of the best marketing tools that you don’t have to pay to use is voicemail.

    These days many people are very busy and often can’t take a phone call. They may even be screening their calls so that they only take calls they are expecting or looking forward to receiving. Don’t be discouraged by that. Rather, see it as an opportunity to communicate with that person in a really focused and direct manner.

    Usually, a person will go through their voicemail at the end of the day to ensure that they have not missed anything that is important. That is your opportunity. With a well scripted and really impactful message, you have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with that person – 1 on 1, and without any distractions. The first few seconds, obviously, are crucial, because you need to grab their attention, and then keep it. If you don’t succeed in grabbing their attention, then you will have lost that opportunity.

    Think carefully about your voicemail messages. Craft them specifically and make sure that you deliver them professionally. They are an opportunity if you tackle them with the right attitude.

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