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  • The Marketing Power of ‘Free’

  • Strategic Giveaways: Crafting Effective ‘Free’ Offers for Lasting Engagement

    Give away something for free. Free is the strongest word in marketing provided that it is used wisely.

    Giving away something of value is always welcomed by a prospective buyer. They have the opportunity to experience what you are selling without having to make a firm commitment. Once that have been satisfied by the ”taste” of the product or service, then they are more likely to buy.

    Ice cream parlours are a great example of this idea. Aren’t those little teaspoons the cutest things you’ve ever seen? But many service providers use this tactic as well by offering free consultations or seminars in order to illustrate or demonstrate their expertise. By doing this they are not only sharing a bit of their knowledge with prospective buyers but also giving the buyer a taste of what it would be like to do business with them.

    Make sure that what you offer for free is not a throw away – it must be valued by the people receiving it so that they can judge your offering fairly and justly. So give something away – you will be remembered.

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