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  • Here are some useful links that will provide you with valuable information. Check back regularly – we’ll be finding new sources of information for you.


    Industry Canada
    An easy-to-follow outline of all the major areas and categories within Industry Canada’s business-oriented megasite.

    American Marketing Association
    Publishes Marketing News and other industry journals, as well as offering professional development programs and other services to marketing professionals.

    Publishes ratings for television, radio and interactive media in Canada.

    Canadian Marketing Association
    News, events, and codes of ethics as well as information for consumers from the CMA.


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    Business News and Information 

    Business Development Centre
    A Canadian leader helping 1000’s to register, protect and grow their businesses. Services to improve your bookkeeping/accounting, establish a custom website, or even keep your assets safe.

    Keep an eye on world markets and breaking financial news.

    A great resource for checking up recent business news (mainly from Canadian public companies).

    Free Press Release Distribution Service

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    InterNIC Registration Services
    Register domain names here, or check to see which ones already exist.

    Canadians Connected
    Register .CA domain names here.

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    Statistics Canada
    The Canadian government’s latest macroeconomic data on economic growth, business investment, inflation, employment, exchange rates and interest rates.

    Statistics Canada Daily
    Access the very latest economic data from Canada’s bureau of statistics.

    “Canada’s Small Business Bank” offers financial products and consulting services for all kinds of businesses, with particular emphasis on knowledge and export-based industries.

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    Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    A comprehensive guide to patents, copyrights and trademarks.

    US Public Holidays

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    Canadian Job Search Engine
    Welcome to canjobs.com, a premier source for employment listings in Canada

    National Job Bank
    An electronic listing of jobs and business opportunities that private sector employers have listed with Human Resources Development Canada.

    Globe and Mail (Workopolis) Careers
    The Globe and Mail’s career pages on the Internet

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    Stantech Marketing Inc.
    Help mid-size companies set up their marketing strategies and marketing plans, and then execute the marketing strategy and plans with them OR for them.

    Creative Organizational Design
    If you want to pre-select job applicants, measure management skills or abilities, find out who the right customer service, sales, office, manual dexterity or any other kinds of skills, Creative Organization Design have the tool that will do the job.

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    Stantech Marketing Inc.
    Help mid-size companies set up their marketing strategies and marketing plans, and then execute the marketing strategy and plans with them OR for them.

    Marketing Magazine
    Marketing Publication

    Strategy Magazine
    Marketing Publication

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    Canada 411
    An excellent tool for finding phone numbers and addresses, both home and business, across Canada.

    Postal Code Lookup
    Find Canadian postal codes.

    Britannica Online
    Search the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    MERX : Canada’s Electronic Tendering Service
    Access to thousands of procurement opportunities from the federal, provincial, municipal governments; universities, hospitals and school boards across Canada.

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    Travelling to the USA? Just type in the city you’re heading for, or even the specific zip code, and get an up-to-the-minute, five-day forecast for that location – in metric or imperial units.

    Need a map? Driving directions? This is one for you.

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