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  • Reaching Customers Effectively: Prospect Lists

  • Neville Pokroy

    One way to reach your customer effectively and directly, without facing any competition, is to buy a list.

    For businesses that sell to other businesses, this is often an important tactic since it allows them to communicate “in secret” with their target customers. Lists can be obtained from a number of sources, the most well known being list brokers whose business it is to sell or rent lists. Also, you can try the economic development office in your city or even credit organizations such as D&B.

    Maintaining an up-to-date list is often a tedious task, and should be one consideration of whether you buy (and maintain the list yourself) or rent the list (that is then maintained and updated by the list broker).

    Remember, you still have to use the list in a smart way by creating a meaningful message and offer. So make sure you think the process through carefully before you decide to purchase any list.

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