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  • Product and Service Warrantees: Sales Tools that Bolster Confidence

  • Leveraging Warranties as Effective Sales Tools

    When you buy a new product from a store, doesn’t it make the purchase easier when they salesperson says to you: “and the product is warranteed by us for 3 years”?

    Very often, just the use of the words warranty or guarantee helps to reinforce the product or service that is being sold, even if the warranty is never used. It’s like that insurance policy that we never use but always know that it’s there if we stumble and fall.

    For many products or services (for example, computer equipment or motor vehicles) a warranty is an absolute necessity, and very often an extended warranty is often desirable. But the product or service that is unlikely to need a warranty – now that’s where having a warranty may be very useful in order to make the sale and reinforce the relationship between buyer and seller. Offer it anyway – but make sure that it is relevant to the buyer and reasonable for you to offer. The warrantee could be money back, product return, it could be just about anything you can imagine.

    So use the warranty as a sales tool – it could strengthen your sales position.

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