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  • Problems with Do It Yourself Marketing

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    For many smaller businesses, marketing is often a Do It Yourself project. That often works at a basic level and I encourage you to do that when it is appropriate, and when you have the time and the required skills.

    At a point in time (and every business owner will have a different point in time) when the marketing needs become more complex, Do It Yourself starts to become problematic and could become negative marketing for you. Be careful and be on the lookout for this point in time. You need to recognize when you need help with marketing, otherwise you could end up damaging your reputation.

    Marketing help can come in many different formats. It could be hands-on, it could be advisory, or it could be a combination of both. In any case, there will be a time to end the Do It Yourself mentality and get real, professional help.

    How do you know when that time arrives? Well, if you are not making progress with the growth of the business or if you come across some marketing ideas that just don’t make any sense – it’s time to call for help.

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