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  • On-Hold Marketing: Using Dead Time Effectively

  • Neville Pokroy

    Have you ever got through to a business and you’re put on hold for the longest time? Doesn’t that music (or maybe the radio station they are connected to) just drive you crazy?

    Well, you know, from a business owners perspective, that really represents dead time, and you should ask yourself – why can’t I be promoting my products or services to this totally captured audience? "The person on hold is just waiting to hear from me – so let’s give them what they want – after all they did call in to me so they must have some interested in what I am selling".

    Use your call waiting system to record specific messages that you want the caller to hear. It could be about your company, their products or services, a special offer, a warranty – you can be creative and come up with dozens of ideas.

    So use the dead time on your telephone system to promote, to inform and to sell. When you do answer the call the person may actually have something very interesting to say about your "On hold messages".

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