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  • The Importance of Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

  • Turning Satisfaction into Advocacy: Crafting Compelling Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

    Who are the best and most respected promoters of your business – well obviously, it’s your happy customers. So why not take advantage of this tremendous goodwill by documenting case studies and testimonials that your customers can endorse.

    If your customers are truly satisfied, they will be very happy to be profiled and promoted in turn. Start with developing a real life case study about a customer situation that you were able to resolve. Highlight the background, the challenge and the solution that you provided, and end off with the results and benefits that the customer experienced.

    Make sure you include specific customer quotes which can be turned into a customer testimonial. Obviously the only way you can accomplish this is with the full support of the customer and make sure you get permission to use the customer testimonial quote as well.

    The more case studies and testimonials that you can collect the better. Your customers sell you better than you can ever do.

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