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  • Identifying Your Target Market

  • Identifying a Precise Target Market for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

    One of the most critical things a business person needs to do is decide who they want to sell their products or services to. In marketing terms that is known as The Target Audience.

    While it is often totally logical, many people cannot truly identify exactly who their target audience really is. They often have a vague idea, however the importance of this decision is best explained when considering how you reach your target audience with your messages.

    For example: if I was selling clothes to teenagers, it could be helpful deciding what age group these clothes would be most appropriate for. A nineteen year-old does not purchase the same kinds of clothes as a thirteen year-old. And the thirteen year-old doesn’t always watch the same TV shows or read the same magazines as the nineteen year-old. It may be better to define the age group you are targeting more specifically so that you can sponsor or advertise via an age appropriate magazine or TV program.

    So, create a target market that is as focused as possible.

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