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  • Digital Marketing Techniques: Electronic Brochures

  • Embracing Change: The evolution of print to digital marketing materials

    Do you realize that the world we live in is a very different place to what it was 3 or 5 years ago? The same reality applies to how we all do business, and it is especially true with how we market our businesses.

    The single biggest change is how the world has become digital, with marketing messages moving from print to electronic formats such as the internet, the cell phone, email and electronic files like pdf’s.

    Electronic brochures, flyers or catalogues have become very important to many businesses as they cut back on printing such materials. And they’re making this transition not just save costs but because these electronic communications have capabilities that the print alternatives do not have – and that is:

    Trackability – because it is possible to see how many people open and view the electronic version.

    Longevity – because they take up so little space that people can keep them longer

    And Viral – well that’s simply about passing them on to friends – and that’s a separate topic on its own and will be covered in a future show. So keep watching.

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