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  • Customer Referrals: Asking Satisfied Customers for Referrals

  • Leveraging Satisfied Customers for Effective Referral Marketing

    Well it’s definitely not the business owners, nor the people that work in the business. Quite simply, it’s your best and most loyal customers. They have the most intimate, and relevant, knowledge about your business and why it is meaningful to customers, like themselves.

    Very often, business owners won’t truly understand why customers, or clients, appreciate them. In larger companies, this issue is oftyen formally researched so that a better understanding of customer satisfaction is obtained.

    So why is this so important? Well, quite simply, you should be asking your most satisfied customers for referrals. This can be done in a subtle way, or on some instances, very directly. If they are truly satisfied, there is a strong possibility that they can actually become advocates for you – something that is so valuable that you cannot put a real $ value on it.

    So ask them for the referrals – chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

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