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    Neville Pokroy, Marketing Coach and Consultant

    Neville Pokroy – Marketing Coach and Consultant

    Become relevant to customers through product and service differentiation

    Many businesses sound and look the same. In order for people to take notice of you or your business, and what you have to offer, you need one of two things:

    1. unique products that are easily explained

    2. unique services that are easily explained

    Very often, uniqueness is created by the business owner. So, the product or service doesn’t always have to have a tangible or a real uniqueness, but sometimes it is a perceived uniqueness that can be created in the minds of the potential customer. For example: if you can promise to deliver your product or service sooner than your competition, then you have a perceived advantage over the competition. As long as speed of delivery is important to the customer, and you cannot be proven wrong, if you grab that positioning of faster delivery, you will often own that position.

    Differentiate yourself by finding a real or a perceived uniqueness and you will become relevant to your customers.

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