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  • Business Referral Programs: Building an Informal Sales Force

  • Optimize Your Sales Strategy with Business Referral Programs

    Do you feel all alone in trying to sell in your business?

    Many people with small businesses suffer from the same frustration and this often leads to two outcomes:

    – They hire people to sell

    – They push themselves even harder to take on more responsibility

    Well, there is another option. Have you thought about developing a referral program that you can introduce to a wide range of people with the goal of them introducing prospects to you in return for a referral fee? While this is not the same as commission selling, it is a useful tool for enlarging your informal sales force and having many people earn some easy money for just doing the introductions.

    Be careful however with the details of the referral program. The referral may not in itself be sufficient for you to make a payout – more likely a sale from that referral is more a likely condition. However, each business is different and each business owner will need to define the value of each and every referral.

    All of this is up to you to define – make sure it’s a win-win for you and the referrer.

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