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    Neville Pokroy, Marketing Coach and Consultant

    Neville Pokroy – Marketing Coach and Consultant

    Advantages of Building Better Business Alliances for Growth

    Many business people often feel like they are alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Building alliances with businesses that are similar to yours has a number of advantages.

    Firstly: those alliances may give you access to people that can provide complementary services that you don’t offer. This combination could make your business look and act much bigger than it really is. And secondly, you could earn a referral fee or commission from your alliance partner – thus generating more revenue for your business without you having to do the work personally.

    Similarly, you could build alliances whereby other people can sell your services, thus giving you a bigger sales force that can promote you or your services.

    If growth is one of your goals and you are limited by the hours you work, alliances are a great way to grow.

    Look for alliance opportunities. They are very useful and very successful if managed correctly.

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