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  • Congratulations to our client Pallett Valo LLP for being voted #4 in the Top 10 Ontario Regional Law Firm category by Canadian Lawyer Magazine

  • They achieved this by matching up well against some of the largest and most powerful law firms in the province and proved again that having a sound and consistent strategy enables them to punch well above their weight, especially as they are one of the smallest firms in their category.

    John Russo, Managing Partner highlighted, in his interview with the magazine, that: “One of Pallett Valo’s drivers of success is its professional management team that has been responsible for running the business end of the firm since 2001.  The moment we put the team in place, the firm really took off,” Russo explains. “I hate to say this, but the second we got lawyers out of the day-to-day business of law, and they focused on their clients and on providing client service, it paid off in dividends quite quickly.”

    As part of that professional management process, Neville Pokroy, President of Mastermind Solutions was instrumental in developing a new positioning and marketing strategy for the firm.  Russo added: “the ‘right-sized thinking’ approach to service that includes the right expertise, leadership, value, and balance” was one of the firm’s distinctive advantages.

    Added Pokroy: “Seeing our client flourish, in part due to this strategy which we developed, is one of our proudest achievements.  We continue to introduce such creative thinking to our other client’s.  Once an organization develops a distinctive and differentiated value proposition, it becomes a true platform for business growth and success, something that many organizations can achieve if they truly put their mind to it.  It ends up with a solid upward trend of success once the organization buys into the strategy and executes it consistently.  It just goes to show that success is possible when you plan it properly and live it, day by day”.

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