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  • Create differentiation if you wish to be noticed

  • I am often amazed how few people strive for differentiation in order to get their products or services noticed. More often than not they feel that if they just say “here I am” that they will be noticed.

    Imagine your friend is in a stadium full of people (you don’t have a phone to call to each other – yes, I said imagine!) and you need to connect to sit in the same place. When you arrive to look for him, all you see is a mass of people. Not really individuals, just a mass of humanity.

    If your friend has no way of catching your attention, how will you spot him in this sea of humanity?

    All of a sudden you see a man in a big red hat, screaming and shouting, jumping up and down, waving a massive red arrow pointing at him. Yes, that was the signal you were waiting for!!! He stood out from the crowd by being or acting differently from those around him.

    Well, that is what marketing and differentiation is meant to create. Getting noticed by doing something unique in the situation and circumstances. That, in a simple form, is what true marketers try to create. Those moments of standout. at a time that people care.

    Here’s a great example of this idea. To launch the high quality TV channel, TNT in Belgium placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button…. Discover here what happened.

    Not everyone may be able to implement this on the scale that was done, but with some creativity, even you can make a statement to stand out from the crowd on behalf of your company, your products or your services. Just be creative and strive to accomplish differentiation. It will make a tremendous difference to you…

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