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  • Our goal at Mastermind is not to sell a specific product or service. It is, in fact, to create happy and content clients who, with our help, achieve their goals.

    What this means is that we don’t blindly do what clients ask us to do. We question and challenge what may have been seen by the client as the only way to move forward, and by doing that we help clients become true leaders in their markets. We offer them out of the box thinking. We offer alternatives and creativity. We offer insight and leadership. Most importantly, we help them build their success. Sometimes quite surprisingly, because they had often not realized that the true plan of action was sitting there, just waiting to be grabbed, but the client was unable to see it because an external perspective was needed in order to uncover it.

    More often than not, clients miss the best strategy because it remains hidden under a shroud of “busy”, “no time”, and a focus that was all about “tactics”. Our external perspective often unleashes a wave of new thinking that propels the client forward, sometimes with our continued help, or independently, as the client desires. And that’s where the client success story emanates from.

    Client success stories

    Here are three examples, from the viewpoint of our clients, that showcase what can be achieved by working with Mastermind as a resource for improvement, creativity and success.

    “Neville was instrumental in helping us develop our marketing strategy, but was also extremely helpful in holding us accountable for the implementation of various marketing programs, most notably our social media initiative. All of this has helped to dramatically increase our sales and market share, which was the primary goal of our marketing strategy. Most important was the effect that this has had on our customer base who have become really engaged with our company, and advocates of the products and services that we bring to this market. Thank you for your involvement Neville – your management of this process helped us to continue the implementation in a truly meaningful and organized way and has motivated me to make more than one referral.”
    Ernesto Stasiak, President, Universal Field Supplies.

    “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that your explanation of the marketing strategy today was masterful. You were so well prepared to refer all questions back to explanations already available within the strategy. This inspired confidence and served to reinforce the comprehensiveness of the strategy. Your patience and steady hand at dealing with the apprehension of embarking on this journey will serve as an example for me to emulate. Great job! Thanks”.
    Peter Hecimovic, General Manager, Firebridge Inc.

    “We used the services of Mastermind Solutions throughout 2013 and 2014. Mastermind Solutions, helped open our company to the potential of growth that we were striving towards for years, but always seemed out of our reach. Together, they organized our team and worked with us to sort through a jumble of partial strategies. They helped us to better identify what worked for us, and to lay a solid foundation for strategic planning. We were able to unify our directives and create a workable, living strategy, while using their ongoing support to ensure that we stayed on track and followed through on our collective planning. Thank you to the team at Mastermind Solutions for their hard work and dedication to our business”.
    Ronnie Mehta, President, Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc.

    We thank them for their candour and look forward to an ongoing relationship that we treasure so much…

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