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  • There was a time that businesses could operate successfully on a whim.  Without data or knowledge.  Just put out a product or service and people will buy.  No strategy. No plan. No understanding of what was happening around them.  Ohhh, those were the days…. Or were they?

    Those days feel so long ago that most of us old enough have already forgotten about them.  And the younger generation of leaders cannot ever imagine what that time was like.  And that is because we all understand well enough that industry research offers us information that we never had before.  It offers us the ability to make knowledgeable decisions based on valuable information and facts.  It can identify market niches to pursue, or market niches to avoid.  It shows us what the key drivers are in our industry, and that knowledge is power in our hands.

    Industry research

    Industry research provides insight on which market niches may be ideal for you

    No longer do we need to guess.  Now we can use that available data to make decisions that will affect your company, your people and your future.

    North American industry research is now available – cost effectively

    In the past, if we wanted industry research it would cost us thousands of dollars.  Now, it is more readily available and we at Mastermind can facilitate the delivery of such data to you, customized in summary form.

    There are hundreds of different industry reports available for industries across North America and beyond.  The kind of data that is provided may include:

    • An executive summary
    • Key statistics
    • Industry outlook
    • The competitive landscape
    • Market share of the major players
    • Key external drivers of the industry
    • Products and services segmentation
    • Structure of the industry including factors such as life cycle stage, revenue volatility, capital intensity, technology change, globalization, competition levels etc
    • Key buying and selling industries
    • Financial benchmarks, and
    • Key success factors

    While we cannot guarantee that all the data is available in every single report, rest assured that the most critical information is there for any particular industry.

    A sample report is available for you to peruse.  If you are interested in accessing this kind of research, simply complete the form on the right and request more information.  We’ll be only too happy to find an industry research report that is just right for you.  We then summarize and customize the report specifically for you.

    Don’t delay.  That powerful knowledge at your fingertips is just a call away.