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  • Due Diligence – preparing for a review will save you in the long-term

  • In an article in the September 2016 edition of The Canadian Business Journal, the writer of an article on “Due Diligence, Preparing for a review”, cited James Phillipson, Founding Principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc. as a subject expert. James said “In the ongoing day-to-day running of a business, many potential obstacles may have been accepted by the current owners and are not top-of-mind, but will likely be discovered in the Due Diligence Review process. The seller can obtain a much better outcome by determining the likely issues and strategizing and preparing for a smoother DDR.”

    Phillipson was also quoted saying “in many mid-sized businesses three factors often have not kept pace with the growth of the business: descriptions of responsibilities; approach to documentation; and processes. These will reflect on the quality of management.”

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