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  • Your smartphone may be smarter than you, the growth of location-based marketing

  • Forget about laptops, iPods, iPads, desktops – technology is advancing more rapidly than we ever imagined  So when will we reach the point of not really needing our brains?  As long as you have technology at your fingertips, maybe that day will arrive in the not too distant future :-).

    if you have a smartphone you really only need to know one thing: how do I work it?  Don’t stress your brain with menial stuff like real thinking.  With a combination of Google and the ability to use a multitude of apps and software on your smartphone, you can leave the heavy lifting to technology.

    Change may become revolutionary

    Is this scenario real or just imagined?  Is it really possible?  Well, for many people, their reality is not far from that.  And much of the new technology is focused on making that happen.  It is creating a change in our behaviour.  For example, the idea of location-based marketing that gives rise to some form of instant gratification on the part of the advertiser and the consumer is a new reality that is becoming endemic.  Not only will the technology know where we are or what we want or like to buy, but it will enable delivery and wayfinding to enable you to get places quicker and more efficiently.

    Location-based marketing is a reality

    For many people, Larry Alton’s article in the Huffington Post will be an eye-opener.  For others, the more enlightened, it will just be another step into a world devoid of real personality and dictated by process and efficiency that is meant to make you spend more and do more.

    I’m looking for the perfect non-app that will help me relax and have time for myself.  Oh, right, all I need to do is switch my phone off and that non-app can really kick in.

    Article by Neville Pokroy – bringing companies closer to measurable marketing and business improvement.  While I love technology and how it can help us, is there an appropriate time when we need to switch off as well?  Let me know what YOU think…

    Read Larry Alton’s article: 10 Ways Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve in 2015