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  • Why online marketing is only a part of the solution

  • Everything you see and hear points to online marketing as the saviour of your business growth and promotional efforts.  It’s all we hear about, day in and day out.  Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn.  And so on….  Even email has gone out of “fashion” as we all lean towards the latest and greatest new media solution that technology has to offer.

    So why isn’t every business booming if they are using those tools?

    It’s not only about online marketing or social tools

    Online marketing and the social media tools of today only represent the medium through which you communicate.  Too may people have forgotten that, in order for communication to be effective, you need not only the medium but the message as well.  No good talking if you have nothing relevant to say, or no-one cares to listen.

    So, the message needs to be crafted wisely, and with a number of factors in mind:

    1. Exactly who do you wish to communicate with and why?
    2. What do you wish to communicate, how is it relevant to your desired audience, and is it different to whatever your competitors are offering?
    3. Is you message supported by a recognizable brand image, or are you up against big competition?  If you are up against big competition, you may wish to adapt your message to outflank them rather than try to go head to head

    Effective communication, just because you may have readily available media, is not easy if you really wish to be heard.  Just pushing any message out through the media (any media) will not move the needle unless you craft the message wisely.

    Take your time and build your message well.  Then look to the media for distribution.  Consider it carefully based on your desired audience.  Then decide which will work best for you.  And remember, not every person responds to the same stimuli – that’s why a mix of media provides your best alternative to be successful.

    So don’t be one dimensional in your marketing.  Online marketing is only one choice you have.  Consider the others choices wisely as well, and craft unique messages for them.  That way you will dramatically  increase your odds of being successful.

    For a unique perspective on this more holistic approach to your marketing, take a look at the book Big Bang for Business.  Alternatively, watch the Video endorsement of the book by a New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author.   It will open your eyes to new possibilities.

    Also, look at this report on: Debrief: Advertising Channels With the Largest Purchase Influence on Consumers that will provide additional useful insight.