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  • Google wins at everything! Should we fear they are trying to take over the world?

  • According to Jason Calacanis “It’s starting to seem like Google wins at everything….”

    This morning I was catching up on my reading/podcast listening (yep, that’s how I continue to keep myself up-to-date) and an interview with Jason really struck a chord.  Instead of worrying that Putin and his escapades in and around Ukraine might become the spark for World War 3, I started wondering how Larry Page and his team at Google might already have set out to achieve world dominance and we didn’t even notice that the ship had already set sail.

    Does Google really win at everything?

    Now, I’m really not a skeptic, but Jason’s recent article certainly provides an interesting starter as food for thought.  The digital world is one thing, but some of the other activities that this article rages on about are really quite interesting and worth consideration.  This is truly an innovative bunch, smart as heck and who knows what the true motivation is behind all of this innovation.

    So, why should we care?

    As we move more into a digital world, anyone that has control has power.  And so much power in one organization’s hands is dangerous.  Particularly since they appear to be wielding that power in areas far beyond their original power base: the digital environment. Just one look at the massive impact that their Penguin and Panda updates caused on the search world during 2013 gives one pause to worry how that power could be wielded in other more personal and damaging places.

    If Google wins at everything, should they in fact be feared or revered?

    If Google wins at everything, should they be feared or in fact, revered?

    Take a read and see for yourself.  See if you agree that Google wins at everything.  I wonder if that smile on your face 🙂 at the start will turn into a scowl 🙁 by the end.  Let me know.