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  • Do you believe that you can increase your value to your company and your executive team by upgrading your CFO skills?  Then have a read of the following article. It can be used by those of you who are keen to elevate your game to be a CFO as a guide to reflect on areas that you would like to focus on to upgrade your skills. It can also provide you with some info, at a summary level, on talking about how your role is more than being a “bean counter” and that your role is in so many ways similar and overlaps with the President/CEO. Of course its utility and your approach will vary based on your position, goals and resources (and realistically, those that your boss perceives).

    Changing perspective with enhanced CFO skills

    For many of you just changing your perspective and communication to include the four general roles of Steward, Operator, Catalyst and Strategist should enable you to broaden people’s perceptions of the role that you fulfill as head of the finance function (whatever your title).

    CFO skills can be upgraded with a little bit of effort.  So why not start right now?

    Read the Competency Map article….

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    James Phillipson is a Chartered Accountant and a Principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc. with over thirty years experience in large and small businesses.  He has provided financial counseling to his clients since 1996, often in the role of a Controller or Chief Financial Officer, for both public and private corporate clients.  James has experience in financial roles in a wide variety of businesses and industries.  This includes several large corporations and many medium-sized public and private companies.