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  • The trend towards video – the gentle power of the audio and the visual

  • The advent of the digital age has given emphasis and greater relevance to some media over others. This change is simply evolution in its natural form, something that all businesses need to embrace if they are to remain relevant.

    For example, while print is declining in importance, it is highly unlikely that it will ever die.  It will however evolve to end up in its rightful place just as some of the other media has done before it over the last 50 years or so.

    The power of audiovisual

    However, one medium that is gaining momentum right now is video – one of the most under-utilized marketing tools that leverages audio and visual in the most impactful of ways.  Gone are the days of static brochures in isolation – while they have their place, they are further supported by PDF versions that get distributed instantly as attachments, as well as video that can tell a more dramatic story at a more emotional level.

    And these videos have multiple applications for companies that wish to leverage this technology, including posting them to websites, utilizing You Tube as a means to share it and spreading links to the video through email, social media, include it in your presentations and even via the simple business card.  It’s marketing at its most effective.

    Yes, simply producing a video is not enough.  You need to use this asset and ensure that it is consistent with the image and the message that the company wishes to portray.  Only then will you start to  see the benefits.

    So, what could it look like on your website?  We recently finished a corporate video for a client;  check it out and decide for yourself,  And it was posted on You Tube as well.  Now let the media work for you.

    Need help with video production?  It’s not as daunting as you may imagine.  Call Neville at (905)886-2235 to find out how easy and cost-effective it really is.