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  • Owners, executives and management today are faced with a dramatically different and changing environment, one that they have never faced in the history of their businesses. The new and ever evolving (and lightning fast) digital space, combined with rapidly evolving demographics has dramatically changed forever the playing field upon which we enter ever morning of our business lives.  Why?  Simply put, because of the speed of change, the playing field we enter today is not the same playing field we left yesterday, at the end of our work day.  And that’s because the work day did not stop just because we went to sleep.  It continued to evolve and we awaken to a new reality whether we like it or not.

    Dealing with this warp speed change is not something each and every one of us is comfortable with.  But the reality however is that none of us can afford to ignore or fight this change – because we do so at our peril.  The survivors will be those that embrace or create change themselves, regardless of the risks – we simply need to find a way to deal with the risks and mitigate them as best we can.  Innovation or adaptation in any shape or form will become the requirement for survival.

    Imagination is the key, because without it we cannot create a vision to pursue, and the lack of vision will prevent us from deciding how to adapt or innovate.  One thing is certain: either the world around us will create a new reality for us, or the individual will take control and create a new reality for him (or her) self.  It truly will become a matter of control.  Either be controlled by circumstances, or take control of your own future.

    For those that wish to slide into the past – keep your focus on status quo and simple survival.  For those that are not prepared to have this happen, take control and build an new vision – then plan your new reality around that vision without following the crowd blindly.  Success will come from differentiation, not from sameness – and following the crowd will only allow you sameness.  Differentiation is tough to find without asking more WHY questions and pushing the envelope.  Imagine what you can accomplish and strive for it.  Don’t let anyone say that you are being unrealistic or unreasonable.  It’s those that reach for the stars that will have any chance of reaching them.

    “Don’t simply do what others do.  Don’t do what others tell you to do.  Take it all in and decide for yourself.  Then get it done.” – Neville Pokroy, author of Big Bang for Business – 8 Steps to Create Explosive Growth and SuccessVideo.

    “Live out of your imagination, not your history.” —Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

    Neville Pokroy is a founding partner of Mastermind Solutions Inc., a strategy, planning and implementation organization that assists businesses to create a vision from their unique imagination, and develop a new growth mentality in their organization.  He is also the author of Big Bang for Business – 8 Steps to Create Explosive Growth and Success.

    neville@mastermindsolutions.ca  (905)886-2235.