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  • Some businesses bob along in a sea of sameness and an ocean of simple existence or complacency .  Others see the opportunity and strive for growth, change, market share, innovation and improvement.  What kind of business do you own/manage/work for?

    It continues to amaze that that some people are not driven towards continual improvement.  “Everything’s fine” is their mantra, even while they slide down the slippery slope to mediocrity and sometimes oblivion.  Change appears to be impossible, even though they are in fact experiencing it in their everyday lives, but do not even recognize it.

    Getting the “Big Bang for any Business” is what all business owners should be striving for, because it will move them from mediocrity to positivity.  Such a Big Bang will create Transformational Growth, either in sales, or in profitability, or in their own style of management – all great things to have in a challenging environment.

    What is Transformational Growth you ask?  Well, it’s not necessarily as dramatic as you think.  Why?  Simply because YOU can control exactly what it means.  As long as it transforms your business, it can be deemed transformational.  It simply means, changing the status quo.

    So, if status quo is what you want – then don’t look any further.  If your business needs to change it’s current outcome and perform better, then you should look for Transformational Growth.

    This is not brain surgery folks.  It’s just a way of changing an outcome that you are currently unhappy with.

    Neville Pokroy is a principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc., a Toronto-based consulting firm, and leads the marketing practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in corporate marketing and consulting in entrepreneurial businesses across an extensive range of industries. His focus is on helping companies with a vision to achieve business growth.  He can be reached at (905)886-2235 or neville@mastermindsolutions.ca